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Be Updated with PLURAL SIGHT online learning.

Be Updated with PLURAL SIGHT. On-demand training made simple. #1 training for individuals and businesses! Skills Assessments. Live Mentoring. Offline Access. Learning Paths. Over 6,000+ online learning Courses. Pluralsight is a technology learning platform for software developers, IT admins, and creative professionals. With 6,000+ courses and new ones added daily.[…]

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Leader – Collaborative Virtual Working Environment

Collaborative Virtual Working Environment – Freelance Networking Having a collaborative virtual working environment. Your team may not have the advantage of being at the same office space or virtually at a given point in time. Most of us work with a team working for them from different cities or even[…]

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Database Management System

About database and database management

What’s a database and database management? What is the career scope of a database professional? A simple database consists of one or more table/s with each table consisting of rows and columns that define the data columns or at sometimes also referred as database attributes. For a telephone book, the[…]

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Its all about writing

Its All About Writing

It All Starts With Writing. If you want a complete rundown on why writing is imperative to your freelancing, then I highly recommend you watch this video by Sean McCabe. Video By Sean McCabe

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Quality Writing Will define your demand

Quality writing defines your demand?

If you want to be a professional writer then you should consider this writing business just like another job and you need to have a correct approach to get successful in your business. If you think professional writing is about writing your feelings and thoughts on paper, then I am[…]

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Can i become a creative writer

Can I learn Creative Writing?

Yes, you can learn Creative Writing. If you want to improve your writing skills you should take up a formal creative writing training program. Whatever be the reason for you to consider creative writing if you want to be a pro writer you need to learn. There are two main questions[…]

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Website Development cost


You may be an aspiring freelancer or someone who is starting up a small business and looking to get your website developed. Well, you may be any one of the two. How much would a website cost? As a freelancer, you may have a question, “How much should you charge[…]

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employee to entrepreneur

Transition from an employee to entrepreneur

Building a business is like building a house: Starting with a strong & solid foundation is very important. Your start will define your destination and will set a direction for the same. Validate the reason and motivation that you have to accept the TRANSITION from an employee to an entrepreneur,[…]

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Freelancing in global Economy

Freelancers in today’s Global economy.

Freelancers, are you searching for freelancing jobs? Freelancing-ecosystem is highly competitive, there are many reasons for this. One need to put in time and effort as an economist to understand the multidimensional freelancing industry. Freelancing opportunities are growing in today’s economy. Even corporates are now looking for freelancers who can[…]

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