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Be Updated with PLURAL SIGHT online learning.

Be Updated with PLURAL SIGHT. On-demand training made simple. #1 training for individuals and businesses! Skills Assessments. Live Mentoring. Offline Access. Learning Paths. Over 6,000+ online learning Courses. Pluralsight is a technology learning platform for software developers, IT admins, and creative professionals. With 6,000+ courses and new ones added daily.[…]

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Content writer – Being a professional writer

Being passionate about your writing It’s not needed nor it’s compulsory for you to have any specialized college degree to be a content writer. Hence, being passionate about writing good content is all that you need. How to be a professional content writer, can be learned. You can develop skills through[…]

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Health – Tips for being a healthy freelancer

Being a Healthy Freelancer Most, if not for all, the significant wellbeing issues for most of the freelancers like you can be taken care off with a few changes to your lifestyle and the way you work. Some changes that may provide you to be a healthy freelancer are. Good Work[…]

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3 Tips for survival while freelancing slowdown

Freelancing slowdown As a freelancer, you are going to come across slow seasons and that could happen due to many reasons like: Type of industry o which you are providing your services. Time of the year, your regular clients are away and haven’t given you enough work. An economic shift[…]

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Leader – Collaborative Virtual Working Environment

Collaborative Virtual Working Environment – Freelance Networking Having a collaborative virtual working environment. Your team may not have the advantage of being at the same office space or virtually at a given point in time. Most of us work with a team working for them from different cities or even[…]

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Database Management System

About database and database management

What’s a database and database management? What is the career scope of a database professional? A simple database consists of one or more table/s with each table consisting of rows and columns that define the data columns or at sometimes also referred as database attributes. For a telephone book, the[…]

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Safe Freelancing

Safe Freelancing – Follow the NINE to be FINE

Be a Better and Successful Freelancer, follow the NINE and be FINE. You’re your own boss, and that involves a lot of routine tasks that require good judgement on how you go about and run a safe freelancing business. Every project should have a contract signed All you need is[…]

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Its all about writing

Its All About Writing

It All Starts With Writing. If you want a complete rundown on why writing is imperative to your freelancing, then I highly recommend you watch this video by Sean McCabe. Video By Sean McCabe

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Quality Writing Will define your demand

Quality writing defines your demand?

If you want to be a professional writer then you should consider this writing business just like another job and you need to have a correct approach to get successful in your business. If you think professional writing is about writing your feelings and thoughts on paper, then I am[…]

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Can i become a creative writer

Can I learn Creative Writing?

Yes, you can learn Creative Writing. If you want to improve your writing skills you should take up a formal creative writing training program. Whatever be the reason for you to consider creative writing if you want to be a pro writer you need to learn. There are two main questions[…]

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