Rewards Strategy for Crowdfunding Campaign

Rewards Strategy for Crowdfunding Campaign


Create a Best Backer Rewards Strategy for Crowdfunding Campaign.

Creating a Crowdfunding campaign is the best way to raise money for your project or cause; Having a community of backers to support your project or cause. It’s important to create a “Rewards Strategy for Crowdfunding” with an objective to engage and get potential investors for your project idea. Gain the trust of your potential community members, so they become more inclined to fund your campaign.

Having a crowdfunding campaign that gives away rewards to those who back your project is the best approach. Rewards are given in return, based on the level of monetary contribution made by the backers of your crowdfunding campaign.

It is essential to develop a good rewards program and have your reward levels organized, more likely if you do so your campaign will be successful. You need to decide, what rewards you can give which will make your campaign stand out from others.

Following are some ideas that will engage your supporters and make them appreciate your crowdfunding campaign.

A Copy Of Your Creation:

If your project is about an innovative or creative consumer product, like a book, electronic gadget, a movie, or an innovative FMCG. Giving away a sample creation is the best option as a reward. Just let your backers know that they will own personal copy of the item when it has been completed.

Do send a handwritten card or memorabilia to thank for their support and make them feel special while shipping the reward item.

Backer Participation:

Try something more unique and exciting for the backers. Offer your backers opportunity to actively get involved in your project giving them a glimpse of your idea being converted into reality with their money.

For example:

If you are going to produce an online media series which involves video recording and actors, you can let your campaign contributors come for audition stage and they could also give audition for a small role or as a background artist in the video. Let them visit your set and meet your team and the people involved.

You can do something similar if your project is about a song or music album. What is your project is a storybook? in that case for the top listed backer/s, you can name a character in your book after him/her.

You can make your backers feel more valued by making them be a significant part of your project.

Skill Sharing:

If you have unique skills or special talent that could be of use to your backers; then you could consider offering a service to those who fund your project. Your team could host a workshop for your backers so that they can learn a specific skill set.

Arrange skill share sessions with like-minded people who can benefit from your expertise.

For example:

  • As a writer, you could offer to review amateur work
  • As a software programmer, you can conduct a programming workshop for interested backers.

Involve your backers in the project execution process. Keep them engaged and they will be more likely to share about your project with other like-minded people. This can bring even more funding to your project.

Rewards Strategy for Crowdfunding campaign should help in defining a reward that is unique, personal & valuable so more people are likely to be drawn towards your campaign.

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