Professional content Writer

Content writer – Being a professional writer

Being passionate about your writing It’s not needed nor it’s compulsory for you to have any specialized college degree to be a content writer. Hence, being passionate about writing good content is all that you need. How to be a professional content writer, can be learned. You can develop skills through[…]

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Health – Tips for being a healthy freelancer

Being a Healthy Freelancer Most, if not for all, the significant wellbeing issues for most of the freelancers like you can be taken care off with a few changes to your lifestyle and the way you work. Some changes that may provide you to be a healthy freelancer are. Good Work[…]

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3 Tips for survival while freelancing slowdown

Freelancing slowdown As a freelancer, you are going to come across slow seasons and that could happen due to many reasons like: Type of industry o which you are providing your services. Time of the year, your regular clients are away and haven’t given you enough work. An economic shift[…]

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Safe Freelancing

Safe Freelancing – Follow the NINE to be FINE

Be a Better and Successful Freelancer, follow the NINE and be FINE. You’re your own boss, and that involves a lot of routine tasks that require good judgement on how you go about and run a safe freelancing business. Every project should have a contract signed All you need is[…]

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Cold Calling

Cold calling for business.

Planning Cold calling for business is important. The first step in the process is to create Ideal Client Profile (ICP), because you have to avoid wasting time just concentrate on selling your services / products to people who: Can afford what you’re selling. Want it. ICP should also contain information[…]

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Type of freelancer

Freelancer and their types.

Globalization and the technology revolution have increased the independent work opportunities (freelancer) and today freelancing is no more considered as an option of cheap resources. The freelancing industry has grown to a great extent and can be majorly categorized into 5 types. As a freelancer, you will fit into one[…]

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employee to entrepreneur

Transition from an employee to entrepreneur

Building a business is like building a house: Starting with a strong & solid foundation is very important. Your start will define your destination and will set a direction for the same. Validate the reason and motivation that you have to accept the TRANSITION from an employee to an entrepreneur,[…]

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Career as Freelancer

Freelancing as a career decision, good or bad!

Freelancing – It can either be the best or the worst decision you would make for your career. Freelancing is very different from standard employment. Finding your own clients. Managing your own time. Creating your own terms for project delivery. Competition is high! Being a freelancer you would need all[…]

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Being a Freelancer

Freelancing is not for the jobless / You TOO can be a freelancer. It is a perfectly respectful career option, and the world’s best graphic designers, marketers, developers and writers ARE freelancers. Experience as a freelancer, Don’t let go any job which you can get your hands on; You need not be an[…]

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Blogging a marketing technique for freelancers

Blogging is a marketing technique for freelance writers: If you are a writer who is associated with a publisher or you are a self-publisher, any case you will have to play an active role in marketing your work. Even though you may be associated with a publisher you should not be[…]

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