Career as Freelancer

Freelancing as a career decision, good or bad!

Freelancing – It can either be the best or the worst decision you would make for your career. Freelancing is very different from standard employment. Finding your own clients. Managing your own time. Creating your own terms for project delivery. Competition is high! Being a freelancer you would need all[…]

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Being a Freelancer

Freelancing is not for the jobless / You TOO can be a freelancer. It is a perfectly respectful career option, and the world’s best graphic designers, marketers, developers and writers ARE freelancers. Experience as a freelancer, Don’t let go any job which you can get your hands on; You need not be an[…]

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Blogging a marketing technique for freelancers

Blogging is a marketing technique for freelance writers: If you are a writer who is associated with a publisher or you are a self-publisher, any case you will have to play an active role in marketing your work. Even though you may be associated with a publisher you should not be[…]

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Freelancing in global Economy

Freelancers in today’s Global economy.

Freelancers, are you searching for freelancing jobs? Freelancing-ecosystem is highly competitive, there are many reasons for this. One need to put in time and effort as an economist to understand the multidimensional freelancing industry. Freelancing opportunities are growing in today’s economy. Even corporates are now looking for freelancers who can[…]

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Start your business today

Starting your own freelancing business.

Before you think or even start your freelancing business, I would like to share some inputs and suggested guidelines you should consider to achieve success. First Look into known reach- If you’re not currently in the freelance market, you’re likely working for somebody or were in the not-so-distant past. If[…]

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Freelancing and Global economics

Does global economy has value for freelancing?

Searching for freelancing job? If you are an expert then you are ready to be a part of freelancing ecosystem. Freelancing opportunities are growing in today’s economy. Even companies these days are looking for freelancers who can work on contract basis. This is because a company can save a lot[…]

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Freelance writing a carrier option.

Who is a Freelance Writer? A writer who works on a self-employed basis can be termed as freelance writer. They can work on several different assignments at a time. Customers look for diverse writing skills, a writer is more likely to have their write-ups published and paid only if they[…]

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