Freelancer and their types.

Freelancer and their types.

Type of freelancer

Globalization and the technology revolution have increased the independent work opportunities (freelancer) and today freelancing is no more considered as an option of cheap resources.

The freelancing industry has grown to a great extent and can be majorly categorized into 5 types. As a freelancer, you will fit into one of these categories. This article will help those who are looking forward to freelance, the categorization is made mainly based on the work types of a freelancer, let’s try to understand what these categories are.

Independent Individual Contractors:

  • This type of freelancers work full-time they work independently and are hired on a contract and their assignments are like small projects.
  • Such a type freelancers can be identified by the following characteristics or behavior.
    • Enjoy working on different types of projects, enjoying the variety in life is what they like.
    • Great performers in their job and are recognized as an expert in their field. They have a great level of professionalism in their work.
    • Well aware that their next project depends on the success of the one they are currently engaged in.
    • Highly customer centric and well understand the importance of good customer support and satisfaction.


As the name suggest, these are the people who work at night.

  • Those who have a traditional job and plus they do freelancing assignments after their traditional job hours.
  • An addition source of income is the advantage that they enjoy but at times it also brings heavy work load and stress. Managing the two workspaces and time is an important aspect of their lifestyle.
  • Need to be care full about legal issues which you may fall into in this case, as some companies don’t allow their employees to take external assignments as freelancers.

Do consult a legal advisor if you are planning to be a moonlighter.

Freelance Business Owner:

  • Business owners who have up to 5 employees in their company or team, though an employer the owner is also considered as a freelancer and prefer working in a group than performing individually.
  • Running a freelancing business in as a group helps to keep up with the growing service demand.

Your love towards your job is all about having something that works specifically for you.

The world of freelancing keep giving more and more work options every day.

Mumbai freelancer team respects the entire freelancing community/s throughout the globe. We too are freelancers and do fall under one of the above categories.

If you too are a freelancer then what type of freelancer are YOU?

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