Tips to Create an Engaging Crowdfunding Pitch

Tips to Create an Engaging Crowdfunding Pitch

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Create an Engaging Crowdfunding Pitch

In this article, I want to share tip’s to Create an Engaging Crowdfunding Pitch and that too in just 3 Easy Steps.
If you are about to write a crowdfunding pitch you should know that its suppose to be grabbing attention and should tell a passionate story about the objective if your crowdfunding project, so “grabbing attention” and “passionate story” are the key to write an effective crowdfunding pitch.

Your message needs to connect to people and compel them to contribute towards your crowdfunding campaign. Only a well written and effective crowdfunding pitch will set apart your crowdfunding project from all other crowdfunding campaigns which are almost launched in numbers every day.

For your campaign to create an impact and increase your chances of achieving the campaign goal, the following are three easy steps to write a well-performing crowdfunding pitch:

Step 1: Write a Catchy Headlines or Title

Title of your crowdfunding campaign is the first thing that people will notice and so is extremely important. A well-written title will draw attention to your crowdfunding project and the online visitor will probably read the entire pitch. The title of your campaign must have an eye-catching choice of words, projecting the project objective in a descriptive manner.
Divide your content into sub-sections and give appropriate headlines for each section. This will help your online audience to go through the content at a glance. Long continues and unsegmented text can put off many potential backers; So, do write short sections with relative headlines, that will grow their interest.

Step 2: Your Story, objective and need to crowdfund

The main body of the pitch should have your story. This needs to include the following points:

  • Self Introduction: Write brief details about yourself or your project team. Write about how you came across your project idea, use your storytelling skills. Readers will feel more connected with you and your project idea.
  • More about your project: Write a section providing relevant information about your project. Being specific and letting your readers know why you are doing this is the key. Mention about, how your idea is unique and important to you and others. Be honest in defining the scope and purpose of your mission expressing the authenticity of your work and project is a must.
  • Project Timelines: If you have a projected and estimated timeline of your project, then do share. By defining a timeline it creates an imminent sense of urgency and intent and that will help you reach your goal faster.
  • Need Project Funds: Be very clear about your funding goal, i.e. the amount that you need. Give estimated project costing giving reasons about why you require this amount and the exact distribution of where the money will go.

Once again, the long unformatted text will not look appealing. Adopt good content writing skills and break your project pitch, use images, illustrations or even videos, wherever possible. Express your immense passion if you want to connect with the emotions of your audience and drive them into backing your project.

Step 3: Reason, Why one Should Back Your Campaign

After you have explained your project details, the next important step: Explain, why should one back your campaign? People won’t want to give away their hard-earned money that easily, so use proper words to convince about why should they support you.

It’s not just about what you say; it is also about how you say it.

In a persuasive manner, ask them for their support and be sure to sound grateful for their help. Write about,

  • What you will do with the funds if you reach your crowdfunding campaign goal.
  • How will it make a difference and what impact the project will have?
  • Who will it benefit?

Set your reward levels with carefully if applicable and give innovative perks to those who back your project. They should feel, they are getting something worthwhile in return. Consider if you were backing a project like yours, why would you fund?

IMPORTANT: While writing your crowdfunding campaign pitch


  1. Be aware of your audience. Knowing exactly who you are writing for, will help you understand how you must frame the content for your crowdfunding campaign.
  2. Write brief and direct. Do not beat around the bush; write straight to the point.
  3. Formatted Content. Bold and italics key pointers to attract attention. the points should stand out and set the tone making it an engaging crowdfunding pitch.
  4. Use a conversational tone. your writeup must evoke empathy and create a feeling of community. The pitch should be personalized; make it sound like you are interacting with your potential backer. Use words like “you” and “us.”
  5. Confident writing. Built confidence expressing that you are the right person for executing the project idea.
  6. Use positive & powerful words. For example: “given the chance,” “experience,” “together,” “also receive,” etc.
  7. Alternative Donation. If one cannot donate how else he/she can contribute; tell them by sharing your campaign with their friends and family or on social media they can help you achieve your campaign objective.
  8. It’s just not about donating money. Tell your backers that you want them to be part of an entire experience with you.

Writing an engaging crowdfunding pitch may not be easy, but I hope that the above tips will make it easier for you. Plan & frame your pitch well before publishing it. An engaging crowdfunding pitch will go a long way in running a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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