Why reading is important for freelance writers?

Why reading is important for freelance writers?

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Freelance writers must prioritize reading as one of their most crucial skills, which improves through regular practice.

Read three times:

  1. First, perform a quick read-through to become familiar with the content and gather context, with no need to fully understand it.
  2. During the second read, conduct a more thorough examination, making note of any points or text that are not comprehensible.
  3. For the third read, aim to completely understand the content and make notes of any insights or ideas gathered.

While it is obligatory to read three times, you can read as many times as necessary. Do not cease until you have achieved a 100% understanding.

Taking notes holds significance, whether you are a casual reader or reading for pleasure, as the human brain values processed knowledge. Processed knowledge refers to comprehending and remembering the material read. It’s important to recognize that “Taking Notes” is an effective tool for processing information.

To excel among other freelance writers, you should familiarize yourself with some note-taking techniques:

  1. Outlining
  2. Mind mapping
  3. The Cornell method

Remembering what you’ve read in the past is crucial for any reader to progress.

Revisiting your notes and confirming the knowledge you have acquired will aid in retaining the information for future study.

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