3 Tips for survival while freelancing slowdown

Freelancing slowdown As a freelancer, you are going to come across slow seasons and that could happen due to many reasons like: Type of industry o which you are providing your services. Time of the year, your regular clients are away and haven’t given you enough work. An economic shift[…]

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Career as Freelancer

Freelancing as a career decision, good or bad!

Freelancing – It can either be the best or the worst decision you would make for your career. Freelancing is very different from standard employment. Finding your own clients. Managing your own time. Creating your own terms for project delivery. Competition is high! Being a freelancer you would need all[…]

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Being a Freelancer

Freelancing is not for the jobless / You TOO can be a freelancer. It is a perfectly respectful career option, and the world’s best graphic designers, marketers, developers and writers ARE freelancers. Experience as a freelancer, Don’t let go any job which you can get your hands on; You need not be an[…]

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