Can I learn Creative Writing?

Can I learn Creative Writing?

Can i become a creative writer

Yes, you can learn Creative Writing.

If you want to improve your writing skills you should take up a formal creative writing training program. Whatever be the reason for you to consider creative writing if you want to be a pro writer you need to learn.

There are two main questions that you need to answer yourself.

  • Is writing going to help you earn you living?
  • Is writing your hobby and you need to improve your hobby?

If it’s about – Earn a Living

If you want to learn how to write for a living, you need to take a creative writing course that includes details of how the publishing business work. The learnings would include aspects like:

  • Market mapping and analyzing the same
  • Development of writing plan
  • Market your work, to the target market
  • Communicating correctly with the channel partners to publish your work
  • Building a legal cushion to protect your work
  • Keep track of work sent out, accepted and rejected
  • Understanding the business behind creative writing – recording and managing related finances.

Now about, how to improve your writing skills so that it’s as per the guidelines defined by publication house:

  • Its language and you need to take care of the basics – spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Developing your craft and style in order to fit the needs of your target readers.

You should try a wide variety of writing types. This will enable you to find where your strengths and weaknesses.

If it’s about – Writing for pleasure

Improve your skills even if you are writing for pleasure. Training programs that will help you to improve your hoppy will normally not include the details required to build a creative writing business, it won’t teach you the legal aspects related to content writing, it won’t highlight the know how’s need to deal with a publisher.

They will help you more on perfecting your skills, rather than developing work that will meet a publisher’s writing guidelines.

Writing about what you want is the core agenda in this case. But that should not stop you from publishing your content, you can publish your work on your own website or on a self-publishing websites.

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